Racial Mix:

Humans: 70%, Halflings: 26%, Half-orcs: 2%, Elves: 1%, Dwarves: 1%

Gold Piece Limit:

200 gp


4,500 gp


5 riverguards (full time), 23 conscriptable individuals

Trela is a small village along the river that runs from the large lake in the midst of the Kelders and into King Virduk’s lands, forming the eastern border of New Venir and the western border of Lageni until it empties into Lake Vashon in Calastia.


Trela was founded in response to the number of trading caravans coming from Vesh seeking to use it as a jump-off point for continued travel into Calastia or east along the New Venir border towards the citystates and nations of the west.

The village is ruled by a River-master, who is the appointed representative of Prince Urlis. Trela is supported by taxes taken from caravans coming down the river in the lands of King Virduk, as well as the fees collected from the boatmen who use the village as their main place of business. The village’s food comes from the river, as well as a few small farmsteads south of the village.


The Riverhouse: The large dock-side offices and warehouses of the River-master, the Riverhouse also serves Trela as a defacto town center and meeting hall. At any time of the day, citizens of the town can be found here, seeking the council or permission of the River-master for some piece of bureaucracy or another.

The Midnight Shrine: This small windowless building houses the town’s only altar – dedicated, in this case, to Belsameth. The large door is engraved with the symbol of the Slayer, and remains shut during the daylight hours. Only during the night is it open for the prayers and sacrifices required of the faithful of Belsameth.