Title(s) Father of Fire, the Iron God
Power Level Defeated Titan
Home The Sun
Alignment N
Druid Alignments N, NE, CN
Holy Symbol A red sun with a black eye in its center
Typical Worshipers Goblinoids, bugbears, sutak, thulkans, Forge wights, hell hounds, Daywalker ratmen (slitheren)

Thulkas, (thool-KAHS)

The impregnable Thulkas was unmovable, for he was said to be an extension of the earth. That he burned with the heat of 1,000 suns only increased the threat Thulkas posed. Mighty Corean could not budge this beast, so the Avenger bent him, pressing the Iron God upon Golthagga's forge and hammering him into the form of an arrow. Tanil then drew back her great bow, taken from Hrinruuk's hand, and fired that arrow into the sun itself. Thulkas dwells there still, stuck and unable to escape its fiery grasp.

Legends say that Thulkas created spawn more by accident than design. The interplay of forces would create new spawn when natural phenomena interacted with his fiery body. Most of the creatures spawned in this manner have affinities for earth and fire and enjoy great resiliency, especially when in contact with these elemental forces. In addition, many goblin races, influenced by Thulkas, bear his mark.