Title(s) The Huntress
Power Level God
Home Tanil's Glade

(The Eternal Glade)

Portfolio Travel, Hunting, Forestry, Music, Archery, Freedom, Good Fortune
Alignment Chaotic Good
Cleric Alignments
Domains Animals, Chaos, Luck, Missionary, Plants, Travel, Trickery
Holy Symbol Three bronze arrows lying parallel
Favored Weapon Longbow
Typical Worshipers Rangers, hunters, many Veshians, vigils, wood elves
Herald Garra
Page Kevi

Tanil (TAH-nil)

Of all the gods, Tanil is most likely to spend some of her time quietly walking the face of the Scarred Lands. However, this doesn't make her sociable - she prefers back roads and untrod wilderness to highways and villages. The ultimate champion of the underdog, she is the queen of archery and stealth, generally favored by rogues, bards and wayfarers. She appears as a lithe archer wearing flexible bronze armor. Her arrows are silver-tipped, as she dislikes the poor treatment of animals and considers the world's werebeasts an insult. Many elves venerate her; her other servants include dryads and unicorns.