Title(s) Mother of Serpents, Queen of Witches, Corruption's Dam, the Lady of Venom, the Scaled Horror, the Hag's Midwife
Power Level Defeated Titan
Home A thousand pieces scattered throughout Scarn
Alignment N
Druid Alignments
Holy Symbol A serpent
Typical Worshipers Druids, asaathi, gorgons, medusae, nagas, Red Witches (slitheren), lizard folk, troglodytes, hags

Mormo (MORE-moh)

This gruesome crone, the patron of all witches and hags, created serpentine races such as the asaatthi, medusae, and gorgons. Her spilled blood has seeped into and transformed the Hornsaw Forest into a homeland for mutant terrors. Rumors suggest that her followers seek to recover the various pieces of the Serpent Mother strewn across the Scarred Lands, hoping to assemble the segrisly trophiesso that Mormo may be reborn.

Perhaps the most prolific of all titans, creating hags and gorgons and dozens of other races, Mormo neglected many of them, losing interest as soon as they were fashioned. Second only to Mesos, Mormo created spawn who often wield sorcerous or druidic power. Indeed, many druids who venerate Mormo pose as worshippers of Denev to infiltrate foreign lands and spread their heresies better.