Mithril coa
Corean's City of the
Mithril Golem
Location NE coast of Ghelspad
Population Human 74%
Dwarf 8%
Elf 6%
Halfling 6%
Half-elf 3%
Half-orc 3%
Government Theocracy
Ruler High Priest Emili Derigesh
Language Veshian
Religion Corean
Currency gold golem (10 gp)
gold blade (1 gp)
silver shield (5 sp)
silver stallion (1 sp)
copper penny (1 cp)
Resources Fish, wheat, finished goods
Allies Hedrad, Mullis Town, Vesh
Enemies Calastian Hegemony

Source(s) Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Ghelspad

The City of the Mithril Golem was founded at the conclusion of the Divine War; it sits atop a cliff where Corean’s mighty Mithril Golem was deposited, supposedly for the purpose of defending those dedicated to the god who would later build a city there. In the 150 years since, the golem has not moved, but the priests and people of Mithril have remained, dedicated to the golem as a symbol of their mighty god and his victory in the war.

Mithril is somewhat divided, however, and in ways more than merely geographical. The upper area of the city features the golem and the great temple to Corean, but the lower portion, called Harbor City, plays home and trading center to all manner of people — from honest laborers to cutthroats. This dichotomy is one that Emili Derigesh and those before him have mostly overlooked, which is arguably a good thing. Without the trade that goes into Mithril and thereafter onto Vesh, the ability to resist Virduk and his ilk would be compromised.

The priests and paladins of Mithril have more pressing matters to contend with than the unsavory side of Mithril’s Harbor City. Situated amid lands largely controlled by titanspawn, outlying farmlands experience frequent raids, while the golem deters direct attacks on the city proper. The pirates of the Toe Islands, a mysterious and arcane order of Penumbral Lords, defense of the Cordrada Corridor and provision of aid to the battle against Virduk all serve to keep Mithril’s defenders sorely taxed.

Source Edit

Scarred Lands Gazetteer: Ghelspad, p. 22