Mithril cvr
Mithril: City of the Golem
Author(s) Deirdre Brooks, Ben Lam, Anthony Pryor
Developer(s) Anthony Pryor, Stephan Wieck, Stewart Wieck
Editor(s) Ed McKeogh
Artist(s) William O'Conner, Brian Leblanc, Jim Nelson, Tom Biondolillio, Matt Milberger, Conan Venus
Type Accessory
Format Paperback
Number of Pages 112
Publisher White Wolf Publishing
Release Date 20-Aug-2001
ISBN 1588461629
Preceded By Creature Collection II
Succeeded By Hollowfaust: City of Necromancers

Source(s) Amazon Product Detail


The city-state of Mithril: a pocket of civilization carved out of the wilderness between the Blood Sea’s tainted waters and the perilous Kelder Mountains. Corean's priests and paladins built a city around their god's colossal Mithril Golem — a city that now serves as a bastion against the titanspawn races that would reclaim their ancestral lands and as a port-of-call for those mariners bravely sailing the Blood Sea. Add to these natural perils the return of dark elven shadow wizard Dar’Tan and heretical conspiracies brewing with in Mithril itself, and you have a city-state in dire need of heroes!

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