Title(s) Sire of Sorcery, the Disrupted
Power Level Defeated Titan
Home Pieces scattered to the farthest reaches of existence
Alignment N
Druid Alignments N, NE, CN
Holy Symbol Six arms clasping each other to make two triangles overlapped that form a six-pointed star
Typical Worshipers Arcane devourers, sorcerers, djinn, arcane symbiots, gallows eyes, pilfer sprites, howling abominations, sundered mages, vertigen, Blackpelt ratmen (slitheren)

Mesos, (MAY-zohz)

The gods felled the titan Mesos first, and according to many it was because they felt he was the greatest threat. It is said that Mesos could steal the very power from the gods themselves and that they knew he must be destroyed before this could happen. When Mesos' form was sundered, the explosion flung his essence to the farthest reaches of existence. While Mesos is reputedly no more, his legacy continues with some of the most deadly and enigmatic of the titanspawn races. From the strange creatures known as arcane devourers to his supposed creation of sorcerers, Mesos' progeny pulse with mystic power.