Title(s) the Redeemer, the First Angel of Mercy
Power Level God
Home The Citadel of the Sun (The Golden Paradise)
Portfolio Sun, Light, Sky, Redemption, Healing, Agriculture
Alignment Neutral Good
Cleric Alignments
Domains Air, Good, Healing, Missionary, Plant, Sun
Holy Symbol Spear with a tassel of peacock feathers
Favored Weapon Spear
Typical Worshipers Healers, the sick, farmers, couples being wed, many citizens of Durrover
Herald The Healer
Page Jolarian Highsong

Madriel (MA-dree-el)

Madriel flies on wings of peacock feathers, an armored angel with a spear formed from the purest, whitest sunlight. Although relentless in her struggle against suffering (and particularly against her rival Belsameth), she is the most merciful and compassionate of the gods. Her temples are popular across the Scarred Lands, particularly in areas where people pray for fertility to return to their fields.