Title(s) the Mountainshaker, the Bleeding One, the Father of Monsters
Power Level Defeated Titan
Home the Maw of Glory, aka Maw of Death (Blood Sea)
Alignment N
Druid Alignments N, NE, CN
Holy Symbol A bloody heart - or -

A cracked or broken mountain peak

Typical Worshipers Blood Sea creatures, some giants, tainted merfolk, Foamer ratmen (slitheren), pisceans, minotaurs, hydra

Kadum (KAH-doom)

This great beast uprooted mountains when enraged, but strength alone could not save him. While the mythic Mithril Golem, created by Corean, grasped the beast's tail, Belsameth cut his heart from his chest, Chardun chained him to a rock, and Vangal hurled his writhing, trapped body into the deepest ocean chasm. To this day, the Blood Sea runs red with the Bleeding One's ichor, and races of tainted merfolk and other fell sea monsters arise from that pollution.

While human followers of Kadum are fairly rare, he remains honored among giants and twisted creatures of the sea. At the top of a wave-swept empire of pisceans and brine-crusted evil, the kraken Queen Ran rules the kingdom formed by Kadum's bloody spore. Whether the pain wracked titan truly cares about his tentacled queen remains unknown.