Title(s) ... of the Forge, the Shaper
Power Level Defeated Titan
Home Buried under ice at the utmost ends of the world
Alignment N
Druid Alignments
Holy Symbol A forge or anvil
Typical Worshipers Trolls, flailing dreadnaught, blade beasts, mad smiths, Forge Crawler ratmen (slitherin)


Hunger incarnate, the hideously obese and always ravenous Gaurak is rumored to have devoured all the life from the once verdant moon. Upon his defeat, the gods extracted each of Gaurak's 100 teeth before entombing him deep within the earth. His discarded teeth are said to have taken the form of mountains, colossal obelisks, and stone forests, tainting the land near them.

Gaurak created servitors whose purposes included breeding and bloating themselves as food for the titan and hunting and gathering other foodstuffs to sate their master's hunger. Such creatures, which include Garabrud and the Obsidian Hound, were created as predators or harvesters, supplying meals to the Glutton. Gaurak's titanspawn are particularly hated by druids as they over-hunt and over-harvest natural areas, stripping them of all life. The predominant leaders among cults dedicated to the Voracious One are the fatlings, but some mad druids honor him as the ultimate predator, and seek to emulate his position at the top of the food chain.