Power Level lesser
Portfolio Love and Fertility
Alignment NG
Cleric Alignments
Domains Good, Healing, War, Animal
Favored Weapon Longsword, longbow
Typical Worshipers Human Females

Freya is a lesser goddess of love and fertility. Freya is also the leader of a great band of woman warriors-known as the Valkyries on some planes of existence. Freya represents fertility in all its forms. On this plane, Freya represents the cycle of death and rebirth. She is a goddess of the coming harvest, as well as sexuality and procreation. Her beast is the falcon, though she is fond of the winter wolf and the stag. She appears most frequently to her worshippers as a beautiful human woman dressed in robes and a cloak of winter wolf fur, though she occasionally appears as a hunter in leather armor with a sword and bow or a warrior in shining mail with a glowing sword. She can take the form of a falcon or any other bird at will, as that of a huge winter wolf.