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Author(s) Richard Lee Byers
Type Novel
Format Paperback
Number of Pages 288
Publisher White Wolf Publishing
Release Date 30-Sep-2002
ISBN 1588468100
Series Dead God Trilogy
Preceded By Forsaken
Succeeded By Forbidden

Source(s) Amazon Product Detail

Vladawen the Titanslayer, the high priest of a dead elven god, continues his quest to resurrect his deity. Following prophecies and portents, he and his companions head first to Hollowfaust, the dread City of Necromancers, and then into the wasteland beyond to explore the ruined cities of the Slarecians, a people so vile the gods and titans cooperated to destroy them.

These fortresses of the unhallowed dead welcome the Titanslayer with gaping maws. He finds there scheming mystics and shambling undead, the vengeful ghosts of those who died in his name, and an enemy who may be even viler than the titans. The resurrection of his god may mean the destruction of all he loves.

Can he forswear his faith to save his world?

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