Title(s) The Trickster, The Shapeshifter, The Unlucky
Power Level God
Home The Halls of Enkili (The Howling Limbo)
Portfolio Storms, Trickery, Chaos, Misfortune
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Cleric Alignments
Domains Air, Chaos, Luck, Missionary, Travel, Trickery
Holy Symbol Mask decorated with lightning shooting from the eye slits
Favored Weapon Flail
Typical Worshipers Gamblers, rogues, sailors, criminals, anarchists, many people of Fangsfall
Herald Rhissa
Page Pages of Enkili

Enkili (en-KEE-lee)

The real wild card of the gods, Enkili can't really be said to be on anyone's side - not even his own. His tempestuous and stormy personality is mirrored in each freak storm or sudden calm. He commonly shapeshifts from form to form, even changing gender so regularly that no two temples portray the same image of him (or her). As the trickster figure of the pantheon, he also gets into trouble far more often than any divine being should. When he uses a weapon, he commonly wields a thunderbolt-hurling flail that lashes so wildly that others doubt it's under his control.