Wood Elf, Forsaken Elf, Half-Elf, Dark Elf
Type Humanoid
Size Medium
Subraces Broadreach, Dark, Forsaken, Half-Elf, Mountain, Piradun, Wood, Urian

The Titan Denev created elves long before the Divine War. They are the longest-lived of Scarred Land’s races and are connected to the web of life that gives the world growth and sustenance. While the varied races of elves differ considerably in terms of culture and appearance, they have one thing in common: The Divine War devastated them and the ensuing years have been very difficult. The path each of the elven races has chosen to manage the aftermath is a reflection of their inner character.[1][2]


Broadreach Elf: Named thus when the Hornsaw Forest was known as the Broadreach. These elves are relatives to the wood elves of the Ganjus and close allies of the Broadreach dwarves. They are nearly in constant war with the forest’s other inhabitants and their deep connections to now corrupt woods has plagued them violent nightmares and drastic mood swings.[3]

Dark Elf: The denizens of Dier Drendal live deep underground, assailing the mountain dwarves of Burok Torn as part of a mysterious plot that even the dwarves claim not to know. The true purpose of the dark elves’ plans is unknown, and the dwarves refuse to share what information they possess regarding the elves — they insist it is a dwarven matter and will be dealt with in a dwarven way.[1][2]

Forsaken Elf: Once called the high elves and now cursed by Chern[4][5], this arrogant and difficult race inhabits the continent of Termana. Masters of the arcane arts, they have been extremely isolationist since the end of the Divine War.[1][2]

Half-Elf: Most half-elves are of forsaken elf ancestry. Due to Chern’s curse some of the forsaken have taken to breeding with humans in hopes of preserving their dying bloodlines.[6][7]

Mountain Elf: The caption of an illustration in Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Ghelspad(p.104) mentions the mountain elf, but there is no description of one.

Piradun: Many forsaken elves have forgotten about the Piradun, an offshoot of an elven race that once lived on and under the Grey Mountains of Ganjulael. Now these plagued-baring elves plot the downfall of all of their enemies (which is just about everyone) from their exile beneath the Chained Mountains.[8]

Urian: Descended from the wood elves of the Ganjus, these secretive inhabitants of the island of Uria worship Corean and Denev. There are signs their self-imposed isolation may soon change as great harrier-mounted Urian envoys and scouts have been seen across Ghelspad and parts of distant Termana.[9]

Wood Elf: The elves of the Ganjus are the most common elves on Ghelspad. The wood elves remain close to their titanic root. They continue to practice druidism and venerate Denev. Though they have many philosophical differences with the other divine races, they remain the most approachable of the Scarred Land’s elves.[1][2]


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