Title(s) The Earth Mother
Power Level Titan
Home Scarn
Portfolio Earth, Nature, Death - natural, the Seasons, Cycles of Life
Alignment N
Cleric Alignments
Holy Symbol Stone sickle with a flowering wooden hilt
Favored Weapon Sickle
Typical Worshipers Druids, farmers, barbarian tribes, sylvan races, elementals, the Jordah, Incarnates
Herald Heralds of Denev
Page Oakthorne

Denev (den-EV)

The only surviving titan, Denev sided with the gods - in particular, her children - against her brothers and sisters who ravaged Scarn. However, the long battle left even more wounds on the world's surface, driving her to retreat to its heart in frustration and fatigue. She still answers prayers from those who venerate her, and is honored by the other gods. She is not a generous or merciful mother, though; she respects nature at its bloodiest as well as at its most beautiful. She is rarely depicted in humanlike form - tales paint her as a mountain range or forest come to life - although she is said to wield a stone sickle when roused to make war. She is venerated by cults of druids who stubbornly refuse to pray to any of the newcomer gods, and by many elementals and other spirits of the land.

Domains: None; as is the case with the other titans, all Denev’s priests are all druids, and Denev cannot grant clerical spells. (CC1, RR1, Ghelspad Gazetteer: Air, Animals, Earth, Fire, Plants, Water )