Cc revised
Creature Collection
Author(s) various
Developer(s) Joseph D. Carriker, Jr.
Editor(s) Scott Holden-Jones, Mike Johnstone, Ellen Kiley, Andrew Bates
Artist(s) various
Type Accessory
Format Hardcover
Number of Pages 248
Publisher White Wolf Publishing
Release Date 28-Jul-2003
ISBN 1588461114
Preceded By Blood Bayou
Succeeded By Player's Guide to Clerics and Druids

Source(s) Amazon Product Detail

New Monsters of Myth and Legend

From the horrible wrack dragon to the tiny bottle imp, creatures frightening and wondrous are found throughout the lands of fantasy. Discover your favorites anew in this complete revision of the original d20 bestseller, Creature Collection™!

Creature Collection Revised presents all the original monsters and races in stunning new detail. Over 200 creatures in this book is ready to be introduced to your campaign; each having been painstakingly updated to mesh perfectly with 3rd Edition rules.

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