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Creature Collection III
Savage Bestiary
Author(s) various
Developer(s) Joseph D. Carriker, Jr.
Anthony Pryor
Editor(s) Scott Holden-Jones
Andrew Bates
Artist(s) various
Type Accessory
Format Hardcover
Number of Pages 221
Publisher White Wolf Publishing
Release Date 17-Nov-2003
ISBN 1588461386
Preceded By Player's Guide to Rangers and Rogues
Succeeded By Blood Sea: The Crimson Abyss

Source(s) Amazon Product Detail

Perils of the Savage Wilds

This third volume of the Creature Collection series presents a horde of new monsters to challenge player characters and haunt the wild lands of any campaign setting. From deadly swarms to mighty avatars, Creature Collection III: Savage Bestiary is packed with over 150 creatures of every challenge level, each compatible with the v.3.5 rules. It also includes a special appendix with new taints of the titans — additional powers to make your monsters even more dangerous!

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