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Corean (CORE-ay-ahn)[]

     The very picture of the paladin's ideal, Corean is an unflinching crusader among the gods. He has the strength of mountains, and his smoky armor reflects his ties to the earth and the metals that run through it. He bears a longsword that he forged himself from scraps gleaned from a titan's forge - that of Golthagga, who was the first to taste the blade's edge. Corean is generally unwilling to compromise, although he generally errs on the side of compassion rather than on the side of law. Many people praise him as the ideal of virtue, although more people pay lip service to him than are willing to live up to his standards.

     Followers of Corean invoke his aid whenever they engage in acts sacred to the god. Blacksmiths, armorers, jewelers, and weapon-smiths call upon him to guide their hammers in the crafting of magnificent works of metallurgy. Warriors defending their homes and families from evil call upon him to help overcome their foes. Stable-hands call upon him to bless the animals in their care. Travelers trying to start campfires sometimes call for his aid as well. Authorities attempting to minister justice to the wicked also often call upon his wisdom.