Title(s) The Scourge, The Last Great Sickness and Suffering
Power Level Defeated Titan
Home Beneath the Mourning Marshes
Alignment N
Druid Alignments
Holy Symbol Braided rope with bone figurines
Typical Worshipers Spirits of the plague, locust demons, touch corrupters, Diseased ratmen (slitheren), skullworms, vermin

Chern (CHURN)

Though he was defeated on Termana, this terrible titan lies entombed beneath the Mourning Marshes of eastern Ghelspad. It is said that the nation of Vesh stands upon the ruins of the cradle of humanity, once called the Flourishing Flats. Between two great rivers that ran from the Kelder Mountains to what is now the Blood Sea, the gods gave birth to humanity upon the blessed and fertile plains. Now the territory is blighted and contaminated by its proximity to the festering corpse of Chern.

Chern's most devastating legacy, however, was the curse of disease he unleashed upon Termana during his defeat, a curse that haunts that continent to this day and has made the forsaken elves barren and twisted. For the inhabitants of Ghelspad, the terrors of Termana lie mostly distant and forgotten, and it is the vermin bred by the titan that threaten their existence. Those druids that serve Chern seek to spread the plagues Chern created and the vermin that spawn them. They are constantly in conflict with the fanatical Order of the Morning Sky, which seeks to eradicate all of Chern's deadly creations.