Title(s) The Slaver, The Overlord, The Great General
Power Level God
Home The Stronghold (The Iron Hells)
Portfolio War, Domination, Conquest, Avarice, Pain
Alignment Lawful Evil
Cleric Alignments
Domains Domination, Evil, Law, Missionary, Strength, War
Holy Symbol Blood-soaked golden scepter, crowned with a thorny laurel wreath
Favored Weapon Warscepter or mace
Typical Worshipers Soldiers, mercenaries, generals, tyrants, monks, charduni dwarves, the nobility of Calastia and Dunahnae
Herald Jerol
Page Alexia the Scourgeblade

Chardun (char-DOON)

Tyrant among gods, Chardun exemplifies the worst traits of the most despotic generals, emperors and masters. His weapon is a golden macelike scepter that's stained deeply with blood. He wears the white regalia of a conquering hero, but his robes and sandaled feet are splattered with blood and dusted with powdered bone. He is particularly venerated by militaristic people with powerful ambitions, but anyone who craves domination is a worthy follower. A general who seeks a throne and a man who covets absolute obedience from his woman are both near to Chardun's black heart.