Calastia cvr
Throne of the Black Dragon
Author(s) Justin Achilli
Developer(s) Joseph D. Carriker, Jr.
Editor(s) Scott Holden-Jones
Artist(s) Rich Thomas, John Bridges, Melissa Uran, Tim Truman, Rob Lee, Ed Bourelle
Type Accessory
Format Paperback
Number of Pages 128
Publisher White Wolf Publishing
Release Date 14-Oct-2002
ISBN 1588461815
Preceded By Relics and Rituals II: Lost Lore
Succeeded By Scarred Lands Gazetteer: Termana

Source(s) Amazon Product Detail

During the Druid War, Calastia’s faithless- ness almost brought disaster upon the Divine races. Today, under the despotic rulership of the crafty King Virduk, the land of the Black Dragon once more threatens the peace and stability of Ghelspad. Greedy for land and power, Calastia has conquered or subverted all surrounding kingdoms, reducing them to vassal-states. Virduk remains as powerful and cunning as ever, but now he is aided (some would say controlled) by his beautiful young queen, Geleeda, who is, it seems, every bit as scheming and corrupt as her husband. Only a handful of heroes might stand against Virduk‘s legions. Calastia: Throne of the Black Dragon shows exactly how formidable a foe this realm can be.