Blood bayou cvr
Blood Bayou
Author(s) Mike Mearls
Developer(s) Anthony Pryor
Editor(s) Scott Holden-Jones
Andrew Bates
Artist(s) Rich Thomas, Glen Fabry, David Day, James Stowe, Melissa Uran, Mike Chanery
Type Accessory
Format Paperback
Number of Pages 96
Publisher White Wolf Publishing
Release Date 02-Jun-2003
ISBN 1588461459
Preceded By Shelzar: City of Sins
Succeeded By Creature Collection Revised
Player's Guide to Wizards, Bards and Sorcerers
Player's Guide to Fighters and Barbarians

Source(s) Amazon Product Detail


When the mighty Kadum was plunged into the ocean, a great wave of the titan’s blood inundated part of the continent of Termana. In the aftermath of this divine flood arose the nightmarish wilderness known as Blood Bayou.

Ruled now by the Laughing Man — known also as the Jack of Tears, Momus, the Black Jester, and a host of other names — the bayou is a place of darkness, disease and twisted creatures.

This sourcebook explores that wetland of mysteries and horrors — from the bayou settlements to new magic, monsters and adventure ideas.
Blood Bayou also reveals the truth about the Jack of Tears: his history, his schemes, his followers and his legacy of evil.

So, come; enter the swamp of secrets. The Laughing Man awaits.

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