Title(s) The Slayer, The Assassin
Power Level God
Home The Cradle of Nightmares (The Black Lands); Ebon Throne (dark side of near moon)
Portfolio Darkness, Death, Nightmares, Deception, Witchcraft, Madness
Alignment Neutral Evil
Cleric Alignments
Domains Death, Evil, Magic, Missionary, Trickery
Holy Symbol Thin silver circle on a black field (signifying the lunar eclipse)
Favored Weapon Dagger
Typical Worshipers Evil arcane spellcasters, assassins, lycanthropes, coal goblins, harpies, many Albadian women and citzens of New Venir
Herald Sashanae the Corrupted
Page Teshan Scray, Mistress of the Cescent Aerie

Belsameth (BEL-sa-meth)

The vulture-winged goddess Belsameth is the incarnation of everything people fear about the night. Her basalt throne sits on the dark side of the moon; her power over the moon grants her power over lunacy and makes her the patron goddess of Scarn's werebeasts. Her preferred weapon is a jet-black dagger, and she is favored by evil sorcerers and witches, Scarn's harpies, wily and murderous goblins, and of course by werewolves and their like.